A three day in-house CEPA Data Portal training is currently underway in CEPA’s office in Port Moresby from 26th-28th of October. The participants were briefed about the importance of data storage and usage. An analysis was done by the Inform Project Team indicates that a total 29,414 users have accessed the CEPA Environment Data Portal since its inception, between 2018 and 2020. Out of 41,190 sessions, 29,907 users are new users, with 18,173 users (61%) from PNG alone. The second and third highest number of users are from Australia comprising of 3,347 users (11.26%) and 2,557 (8.61%) respectively. The other users come from other countries with less than 400 users (1.33%), mainly from UK, India, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Most of the 83.7% of the users to the portal are new whilst only 16.3% are returning users.