CEPA launched two environment products at an event held on Friday 26th April, 2019, at the Lamana Hotel and attended by CEPA staff, 7 government agencies and media organisations.

The event was organised by CEPA in collaboration with the regional Inform Project, which is funded by GEF, implemented by UN Environment and executed by SPREP.
The two products – the national data portal and the CEPA data sharing policy – culminates a successful partnership with CEPA, UNDP and SPREP.

SPREP representative and Inform project manager, Mr. Paul Anderson said, “I am pleased to be present with you all this morning for the official launch of these products, and am looking forward to see the avid use of both products by CEPA, and seeing the positive impact it will have on not just your work on environmental management, but seeing this emulated throughout other Inform Pacific Island countries.”Originally designed as an environment data portal, however the portal can serve more than just CEPA, and thus was renamed the PNG Data Portal. Functionally, the portal allows for multi-sector, multi ministry access and collaboration. The portal is built on open source, well supported software, which are widely used by larger global and regional organisations for the very same purpose,” said Mr. Anderson

The portal is now live and on-line, and is part of a region-wide data eco-system which supports data harvesting. The portal has the ability to publish content in addition to data, with the ultimate goal of informing decision making, through accurate and up to date data that is readily available and accessible. The Data Sharing Policy, the second product, an initiative of CEPA with assistance from the Inform project, is a platform providing guidelines to increase the sharing of data.

CEPA Managing Director, Mr. Gunther Joku said, “The policy will encourage the free exchange of data within the CEPA, with other government agencies and institutions within Papua New Guinea and with the public. This policy forms a key part of the CEPA’s commitment to transparency, accountability and to its reporting obligations within Papua New Guinea and to international reporting to various multi-lateral environment agreements.

He further emphasized the need for close collaboration between key stakeholder organisations and CEPA to enable exchange of data freely through agreed sharing protocols.

The PNG national data portal can be accessed in the link: https://png-data.sprep.org/