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19 July 2021 | dataset

Reef and mangrove survey reports for Barakau village

This report was produced by SPREP’s International Waters Project which has two main components. The oceanic component focuses on the management and conservation of tuna stocks in the western central Pacific. The focus of the coastal component is on integrated coastal watershed management.

Barakau was selected as the host site for a number of reasons. These were: (i) relatively easy accessibility from Port Moresby, (ii) manageable population size, (iii) environmental issues relevant to IWP focal areas and (iv) degree of understanding of these environmental concerns by the people and their apparent preparedness to address them.

Data and Resource

Reef and mangrove survey reports for Barakau village

In order to determine the current status of…

Field Value
Publisher PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority
Modified 11 February 2022
Release Date 19 July 2021
Source URL
Identifier 68f9a1cf-d9c7-4560-ae1a-b882b7d4630f
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Barakau , Papua New Guinea
Relevant Countries Papua New Guinea
Language English
License Public
[Open Data]
Author Mick Naimegi Raga, SPREP, PNG Department of Environment and Conservation
Contact Name Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program
Contact Email [email protected]