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19 July 2021 | dataset

Status of the Coral Reefs in Australia and Papua New Guinea 2008

The corals reefs of Australia and Papua New Guinea cover 19% of the world’s total reef area and contain levels of biological diversity approaching the ‘hot spots’ of the Philippines and Indonesia; Human pressures on these reefs are lower than in other parts of the world (particularly SE Asia). The reefs of eastern Australia, particularly the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), have a long history of research and monitoring and world leading management; Most coral reef management is implemented through Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) while fisheries resources are managed through specific fisheries management arrangements. Australian reefs are usually managed through cooperative arrangements between state and national governments, while management arrangements in PNG are predominantly driven by efforts of NGOs, local communities and local governments.

Data and Resource

Status of the Coral Reefs in Australia and Papua New Guinea

18 paged chapter of the Status of Coral Reefs…

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Publisher PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority
Modified 11 February 2022
Release Date 19 July 2021
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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location PNG
Relevant Countries Papua New Guinea
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Author Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
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