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19 July 2021 | dataset

The PNGSDS Implementation Reporting Forms 2018

A regular and consistent reporting on statistical products of National Statistical Systems (NSS) has
proven to be essentially necessary among developing countries for guiding their implementation of
National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS). It assists establish data gaps, and
challenges and issues why necessary statistics are not being produced in a timely manner.
Moreover, it provides information on who and when th e statistics should be produced, for how
much and funded by whom. This further enhances effective and proper coordination among the
core statistical agencies, data and fund sources for communication on the challenges encountering
the production of statistics in order to arrest data gap challenges and issues.
The core statistical agencies of various country NSSs follow their NSDS annual activities and
programs schedules to generate their respective statistics. The statistics that each agency
administers/collects is categorized under the Administrative Data/Statistics and Surveys/ Censuses.
For all (above) types of data/statistics to be comparable and conform to international standards and
good statistical practices, it must follow the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official
Statistics and the International Monetary Fund Data Quality Assessment Framework. This document
therefore follows on from the “monitoring and evaluation reporting and data quality for official
statistics” explanatory notes. These notes are then translated into four different forms for reporting
on the PNGSDS implementation in this document as the “... implementation planning relies on a
regular and diversified reporting mechanism.”

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Modified 11 February 2022
Release Date 19 July 2021
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