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 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Dataset with direct internet link and resources pertaining to AquaMaps. It is an online tool for generating model based, large scale predictions of natural occurrences of species. For marine species, the model uses estimates of environmental preferences with respect to depth, water temperature, salinity, primary productivity, and association with sea ice or coastal areas.

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
… of the maps enables you to add or remove any additional map layers as you explore. Information keys explain how the … carbon … coral reef … fisheries … mangrove … spatial … map … maps … Biodiversity … Coastal and Marine …
 SPREP Environmental Monitoring and Governance (EMG)
… Living Oceans Foundation has completed the World Reef Map, an online interactive coral reef atlas that allows users … collection of high-resolution coral reef maps ever made. Map layers include Benthic Habitat Data, Bathymetry, Depth … Monitoring and Governance (EMG) … coral … reef … map … Coastal and Marine …
 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority,  University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG),  PNG Mineral Resources Authority

Papua New Guinea Resource Information System Handbook

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority,  Climate Change and Development Authority in PNG
… PNG Climate Road Map … … PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority … and Development Authority in PNG … climate … png … road map … sustianable development goal 13 … papua new guinea … …
… Learning Objectives Layout manager and Map Composer Basic Map Composition Loading Map Elements Exporting the Map Saving and Closing Project … …

An overview of the purpose and how Aqua Maps work.

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

The dataset contains a range of different Pacific regional maps developed by the SPREP GIS team and is available for use by members and partners.

 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
Map showing the EEZ of the Pacific  … … Secretariat of the …
Map with existing and proposed protected areas in PNG. Status …

Link to the Mapping Ocean Wealth Explorer.

… Link to online map and data on mangrove restoration. … …

Marine Managed Areas - MPA Mapping
To maintain long-term ocean health, we need marine managed areas to ensure that special places and life forms are available for future generations. This interactive mapping application provides detailed information on over 7,000 managed saltwater and coastal areas worldwide.

The Resolution is 1:100,000 and is still useful as legacy data. By now most of these forest have depleted to make way for development or by the effects global warming or sea level rise etc. An overlay of recent data over this data could show some interesting land use changes. Dr Phil Shearman's report is one step in the right direction.