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 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Research papers on rural development and poverty in PNG as part of the Asia-Pacific Viewpoint Journal Volume 46.

 PNG Department of Education

Our cultures and traditions are deeply entrenched in every Papua New Guinean, in our families, our homes and basically in our way of life. Our cultures and traditions are also preserved and kept alive through our arts, paintings, sculptures, carvings, dances and songs, folklores, architecture and literature. In fact, our cultures and traditions apply in all aspects of our lives. Culture is the very essence of our existence - it reflects our history, language, tradition and our beliefs.

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Aim of the United Nations Development framework is to ‘Support Papua New Guinea’s national development strategies for achieving sustainable human development and poverty reduction through equality and participation and the sustainable use of the country’s natural resources while ensuring environmental conservation’

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Draft 3 (13/6/8) Independent State of Papua New Guinea 2008 A bill for the "Papua New Guinea Institute of Biodiversity Act 2008"

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority,   National Fisheries Authority of Papua New Guinea ,  PNG Forestry Authority,  PNG Department of Agriculture and Livestock,  Climate Change and Development Authority in PNG

Biodiversity Conservation of terrestrial and amrine ecosystems

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