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 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

PNG roads: these spatial datasets provide the delimitation of primary, secondary and tertiary roads and tracks in Papua New Guinea. The OSM dataset includes attribute information includes OSM id and road names in English where known and comprehensive track network for the mainland. This dataset can be complemented by the National Mapping Bureau (NMB) (2000) dataset. The NMB dataset includes comprehensive road network in both mainland and non-mainland districts and road surface attributes. Source: Open Street Map; Papua New Guinea National Mapping Bureau. Contributor: OCHA ROAP.

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority,  PNG Department of Works & Implementation

Maximum Flow, minimum flow and discharge (flow) datasets in cubic feet and the latter in acre feet. Data collected by the Department of Works (Commonwealth of Australia) from 1954 to 1964 (10 year period). Data extracted from PNG State of the Environment (SOE) Report 2020 (page 198)

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Regional data on marine pollution: observer pollution events. Marine pollution from ships and waste incidents per country in the Pacific region. Waste composition includes: general garbage, plastics, old fishing gears, metals, waste oils, chemicals.

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority,  PNG Department of National Planning & Monitoring

Data useful for SDG Reporting using DevInfo / PNGInfo.
National Statistics Office (NSO) are the Custodians of the Dataset

geojson format

geojson format

GIS file (geojson) with marine pollution observations (points) in PNG.

Conversion of ArcGIS shapefile to json format