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 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Consists of Initial Environmental Examinations, Impact Assessments including Environmental Management Plans related to Oil projects in Papua New Guinea

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Discussion Paper 5 published in June 2011. This paper measures the extent to which both donor finance and resource revenues have contributed to higher rates of expenditure in key development sectors of the PNG economy—social services (including health and education) and infrastructure, between 1975 and 2010. Estimated elasticities are then compared against a hypothetical revenue scenario to assess the potential contribution that post-2014 LNG revenue inflows may have on increasing the financing available to these sectors.

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority,  PNG Department of National Planning & Monitoring

Mining and oil and gas

 PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority

Regional data on marine pollution: observer pollution events. Marine pollution from ships and waste incidents per country in the Pacific region. Waste composition includes: general garbage, plastics, old fishing gears, metals, waste oils, chemicals.