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The National Airports Corporation (NAC) is the executing Agency (EA) of the Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP) in Papua New Guinea. The EA has set up a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) headed by a Program Director to implement CADIP. The PIU is comprised of a team of designated designed engineers and other support staff for the initial scoping of works to design and planning (including tendering processes) to the execution of the civil works and reporting to the stake holders. CADIP ensures compliance to ADB and GoPNG requirements at all times.

The Project will expand the cargo handling capacity of Lae port, improve the livelihood of those directly or indirectly affected, and reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS in Lae.

The Government of Papua New Guinea (the Government) has requested the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide further assistance in the maritime sector through replacement of existing or previously evident coastal navigational aids (navaids) as well as installation of new navaids. The project will enhance the social and economic development in coastal areas by providing safer transit of international shipping in PNG shipping lanes, and by providing navigational assistance to community coastal traffic.

The economy of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is dependent on trade, exports in particular, which rose from $985 million to $2.5 trillion during 1980–2004. Exports increased from 35% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 1986 to 48% in 2002, even increasing by more than 50% for some years. Imports exhibited moderate growth at about 30% of GDP.