Terra nugax and the discovery paradigm: how Ok Tedi was shaped by the way it was found and how the rise -of political process in the North Fly took the company by surprise

The Ok Tedi litigation crisis is a topic that defies compression: at least live books Oackson 1982,1993; Browne et al. 1983; Pintz 1984; Hyndman 1994) and one PhO (Anere 1993) described the project as it was even before the crisis emerged. Before I give my version of these events, the avenues of discussion can be narrowed down considerably
if common ground can be established. There has been a real crisis genera ted by the Ok Tedi mine, which was acutely feit as an environmental disaster by people in the Ok Tedi impact areapredominantly, but not only, by the people of the Alice River. It was experienced by the mine operator as a threat so serious as to jeopardise the worth of continuing the project, and as corporate pain so acute to Bill, the principal shareholder and target of the court cases, that it would go to considerable lengths not to repeat them.

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